Baltic Herring Research Project

Research on the reproductive biology of Baltic herring since the 1980s

Baltic herring research

About the Baltic Herring Research Project

Welcome to the Baltic Herring Research Project’s website! Our primary focus revolves around understanding the reproductive biology of Baltic herring (Clupea harengus membras) and the many processes and factors that influence clupeid fish in the Baltic Sea. The research started at the University of Turku in the beginning of the 1980s. Since then, it has continued in the form of several scientific and monitoring sub-projects, which have been carried out in the northern Baltic Archipelago Sea area and especially in the vicinity of the city of Turku (Finland) where we find some of the most important reproductive areas for herring.

These pages present some results of the project, and also offer information about the Baltic herring in the northern Baltic Sea. While these fish may be small in size, they play an important role in both the Baltic ecosystem and the region’s fisheries.

Observe an edited clip of a herring spawning shoal in the inner archipelago, recorded in May 2024 using an ROV (remotely operated vehicle) camera. This footage provides unique insight into the reproductive behavior of herring in the area and offers information on the condition of the spawning sites.

Key Contributors to Our Ongoing Research

We are grateful for the support provided by the following organizations, foundations and individuals over the years:

  • Lieto Savings Bank Foundation
  • Sakari Alhopuro Foundation
  • Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation
  • Finnish Cultural Foundation
  • Turku University Foundation
  • Saaristomeren kalatalouden toimintaryhmä (Skärgårdshavets Fiskeleader)
  • Nagu Rotaryklubb
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland
  • Southwest Finland ELY-centre
  • European Maritime and Fisheries Fund
  • Finnish Nature Resources Research Fund
  • Finnish Foundation for Nature Conservation
  • Turku Finnish University Society
  • Olvi Foundation
  • Professional fishermen who have provided samples over the years
  • Archipelago Research Institute, University of Turku
  • Department of Biology, University of Turku

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