Changing career path and building a new identity – From teacher to HR consultant

I used to work as a pre-school teacher, and I liked my job a lot. However, I realized that I wanted a work where I could interact more with adults.

I started to figure things out, talked with friends, acquaintances, and university staff, after which I was sure I wanted to work in the field of human resource management in the future. I learned facts related to the career change, and ended up studying for a master’s degree in Department of Education. There, I chose courses that I felt would benefit me in the HR field.

Changing careers during the Covid-19 pandemic was not an easy road. That is why I went through a variety of emotions. I was prepared for job disappointments and my resilience was my strength during these two years. Disappointments became familiar to me, but when I was aware of them before hand, I had tools to cope with them better.

I got peer support from my friend who was studying the same field. As I recall this time of my studying, I feel that some sort of mentoring or student support activities would have been more than welcome to me. Fortunately, now from September, you can get easily peer support, understanding and tips from On my mind -support students. You should take advantage of this great opportunity. You don’t have to be alone with your worries!

Also, I benefited contacting Career Services that organized a course dealing with job hunting. I got concrete help with writing CV and networking. Susanna Ahteensuu, a career advisor in University of Turku, helped and guided all of us in planning our own careers. She also had the same type of background as myself, so I considered her one of my role models. She reminded me that pushing forward towards my own dreams is worthwhile. The chatting was a lot of help for me.

Now, through various stages, I’ve ended up in the HR industry, and my master’s thesis is completed before Christmas. I couldn’t be more proud of myself. The hard work paid off, and the journey is just beginning. The construction of an identity from a teacher to an HR professional is underway, and I feel that my previous studies, especially pedagogical studies, will be useful in my new field.


Peppi / On my mind support student