Support students painted a photography wall!

Art is an aspect of culture that promotes well-being and mental health. Therefore, art should be enjoyed on a daily basis, even in a study environment outside art museums. Art belongs to all students, regardless of income level, educational background, class, gender, mother tongue, or other personal characteristics.

In the current era of uncertainty, people around the world have dealt with the feelings brought out by the covid-19 pandemic through art. For example, the work Scream (1893-1910) by the Norwegian expressionist Edward Munch has inspired many pastises. Though, the reinterpretations of famous works of art have been made many times before also.

This fall the On My Mind project wanted to offer surprising encounters with art; experiences that enrich everyday life on Turku campus. The On My Mind project chose Hugo Simberg’s Wounded Angel (1903), which belongs to the collection of the Finnish National Gallery, as a starting point. This piece of art represents vulnerability, support, and communal compassion. These themes are strongly at the heart of the peer support activities of the On My Mind project.

Both the employees of the university’s wood workshop and a support student duo enthusiastic about painting participated in the production of the wall. In the midst of everyday hustle and bustle, the art project brought people together and lifted their spirits.

The photo wall tells this message: Everybody needs help at some point in their studies, and you should not be ashamed of it. So, one has no need to cover one`s eyes or press one`s head down in embarrassment. Today`s fallen angel can look directly into the eyes of a fellow human being and admit the need of help. Saying out loud your need for assistance is, in fact, an opportunity to strengthen our community.

Remember that a helping hand is near! Trained support students offer the peer support in English on all campuses of the University of Turku. Read more:


Kaisa-Riitta Aho

On My Mind project

project worker