Empowering Patient Education (EPE)

Empowering Patient Education (EPE)

Research programme focuses on improving the outcomes in patient education in society and in different fields of health care and nursing.

Educational activities and support are essential for patients and population. The ultimate goal of patient education is to support the patient to be empowered in their own health related problems, care and services in all ages from maternity and child care to the care of older people, in all clinical fields and healthcare sectors.

The goal of this research programme is to develop the theoretical basis of empowering patient education, health promotion and service guidance to develop new innovative educative methods and evaluate the outcomes of different, innovative educational activities.

Research is conducted in collaboration with national and international partners. National partners consist of different health care organizations, organizations in health care education and association. International partners consist of researchers and teachers in different universities.

Research fields


The research programme organizes monthly meetings. Please see the dates in the news section.

Heads of the Programme

Helena Leino-Kilpi Professor emerita and Nurse Director (part-time)
Heli Virtanen Docent, University teacher

Contact information

Saija Inkeroinen Doctoral researcher

Mailing address:
University of Turku
Department of Nursing Science
FI-20014 University of Turku

Visiting address:
Medisiina B,
Kiinamyllynkatu 10
20520 Turku

Collaborating Partners