School Library

Library in Norssi building

Library in Norssi building

There is a school library in Turun normaalikoulu. The library is situated in the Norssi school building, second floor in the room B2129. The library is open for the students and school staff on schooldays from 8am till 3.30pm. 

The library collection is approx. 10 000 items. Most of the items are fact and fiction books in Finnish. In addition, there are hundreds of books in English and magazines and newspapers in Finnish as well. Most of the books are aimed for children and youngsters because the main target groups of the school library are the students in Norssi and the International school. It is possible to use university library’s databases for information retrieval at the school library and print out, too. Library offers some space for homework, study etc. University students are able to make reservations to Norssi books, too.


All loans are done by using library card. The loan time for all items is 4 weeks and after that they should be returned to the library. It is possible to renew the loans at the library. There are no due date fines. If a library book is lost, wet or otherwise ruined, it must be compensated to the school. School can bill the lost items as well.

Every student has a library card and the pin code. Students can loan books independently via lending machine. In case the card is lost, students loan the books from the library secretary’s desk and the librarian will add the loans manually to students’ library cards. If the librarian is away and a student does not have the card, they will fill out a paper loan slip. That way the librarian is able to add the loans to the library cards later.

The books must be returned directly to the library or to the locked returns’ cabinet. The cabinet is at the B lobby in the front of the library entrance. The card is not needed when returning. Norssi school library items are present in the university library’s database:

All teachers, staff members, student teachers and substitutes may use the school library, too.

School Library rules and instructions:


Tomi Aunio
library secretary
tel. 029 450 3246  or  050 563 26 73

Library in TIS Primary School building

Library in TIS primary school building

There is a separate school library in the Turku International School building as well. The library is for the TIS students and teachers. In 2021, there are approx. 2000 books in the TIS library. Most of the books are fiction for kids and youngster, but there are fact books available, too. The books are mainly in English and Finnish. However, there is a section in the library which contains hundreds of books in all the languages that the TIS students use. That section was compiled in cooperation with the students’ parents: TIS students’ families were asked to give book donations to the school library and that is how the section was launched. The library use is popular among students. For that reason, the TIS library collection is evolving constantly as the new books are obtained for the library.