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After School Club


The after-school club offers a safe and fun environment for grade 1 and grade 2 children after their school day has ended.   The role of the after-school club is to support and provide balance to the children’s school day.  There are set times and areas for both quiet and physical activities.

At the TIS after-school club we have a strong emphasis on physical play both formal and informal.  We feel a responsibility to ensure that all children enjoy moving whilst learning all the FUNdamental movement skills that are necessary for a child’s healthy physical development.  We hope to accomplish this through play, whether it be dodgeball, football, basketball or a variety of gym games such as tag or the children’s favourite Super Baby.   All children are positively encouraged to join in.

The children are also encouraged to interact with each other socially in a way they feel comfortable.  We offer a fantastic opportunity for the children of both the 1st and 2nd grade classes to build strong relationships.  This is especially beneficial for the new 1st grade children as it can help the them settle in.

The club is managed by Jon Brazier.  Below are the details and FAQ.  If you have any questions at all please contact Jon on:





End of school to 15:00 – 92 euros/month

End of school to 17:00 – 110 euros/month


A healthy snack is offered everyday from 14:15 to 14:45 from the school canteen.  This is included in the price.

Application forms:

City of Turku morning and afternoon activities application 2023

City of Turku morning and afternoon activities change application 2023

Client fees for basic education Morning and Afternoon activities 2018

Frequently asked questions about morning and afternoon activities


Please return to jonbrazier79@hotmail.com as well as aamujailtapaivatoiminta@turku.fi if possible.

Thanks, and we look forward to meeting you all.

Jon Brazier



Where is the after-school club located?

We are located in the same building as the grade 1 and grade 2 classrooms.  We will also use the school canteen, school gym and school outside play area.

How do I collect my child?

As parents/guardians are no longer allowed to enter the building due to Covid it is best to call or message me when you have arrived at the school.  If we are outside please come and say hi so that we know you have collected your child.

Can my child be collected by someone other than the parents or guardian, such as a sibling, grandparent or friend?

If you would like somebody else other than yourself to collect your child please make sure you have stated this on the application form or inform us in writing.  We cannot let your child leave with anyone if we do not have written permission.

Can my child go home alone?

Yes, your child can go home alone as long as it is stated on the application form or we have received written permission from you.

Can my child join other clubs that the school offers and also be part of the after-school club?

TIS offers a variety of clubs such as chess club, homework club and the schools on the move club.  These clubs are normally one hour long and run once or twice a week.  Your children are encouraged to try as many clubs as possible and they can leave the after-school club to join these other clubs and return again after.  When your child signs up for these clubs we will be informed by the class teacher and we will make sure that your child is in the right place at the right time.  The clubs are also located in the same premises and this transition has always run very smoothy.

Can my child do their homework during the afterschool club hours?

Yes, there will be set times and areas for quiet activities everyday and this is the perfect opportunity for your child to focus on his/her homework.  We strongly encourage you to join the homework club when it starts also.

Does my child need to bring any items with him/her to the after-school club?

There is no need to bring anything extra to school as each child should already have the correct clothing for the weather.  As for inside gym games if you would like your child to change into something sporty then that is fine but it is not essential to bring spare sports clothes.  The children are also encouraged to go bare footed in the gym so there is no need for gym shoes.  A water bottle is recommended.

Who do I contact if I’m running late or my plans have suddenly changed?

In case of any changes of plan or if you are running late please call Jon Brazier on 0401477428.

How do I pay for the after-school club?

This will be handled by the city of Turku and a bill will be delivered to your home address.

Am I entitled to a fee reduction?

If you believe you are entitled to a fee reduction here is a link to the information and the fee reduction application.

City of Turku discretionary exemption application 2023

http://laskurit.turku.fi/iltapaivatoimintalaskuri.php   (only in Finnish).


Animation Club


ANIMATION CLUB (starts week 3)

Fridays 14.30-15.30

sign-up: samuli.suutari@gedu.sog.gg

Chess Club


CHESS CLUB (starts week 2)

Grades: 1-6

Fridays at 13.15-14.15.

To sign up: send email to kalnie86@gmail.com

Arts & Crafts Club


ARTS AND CRAFTS CLUB (starts week 3)

Grades 5-6

Tuesdays 14.30-16.00

To sign-up: mekinosataan@gmail.com

Lego Robotics Club


LEGO ROBOTICS CLUB (starts week 2)

Grade: 5

Tuesdays 14.00-15.30

Grade: 6

Fridays 14.30-16.00

To sign-up: jory.martindale@utu.fi

Sports (School on the Move) Club


SPORTS CLUB (starts week 2)

Grade: 3kvb

Mondays 12:15-13:15

Grades: 1

Mondays 13:15-14:15

Grades: 5 and 3kva

Mondays 14:15-15:15

sign-up: Hanna Kumpulainen hmlkum@utu.fi

Lower-secondary School Clubs (grades 7-9)


For lower-secondary school clubs please see the Turun Normaalikoulu (Norssi) website LINK

Click on the link above, scroll down and click on “Koulun kerhot”.  Clubs for grades 7-9 can be seen in the “Norssin kerhot – yläkoulu” table.