Welcome to Turku International School!

  • Turku International School offers primary (grades 1-6), secondary (grades 7-9) and upper secondary education (IB Diploma Programme).
  • Basic education (grades 1-9) conforms to the Finnish National Core Curriculum, while the upper secondary education is based on the IB Diploma Programme.
  • The language of instruction is predominantly English.
  • The school is intended for foreign-born children living temporarily or permanently in the Turku region and for Finnish children returning to Finland after years abroad.



  • The entrance exam for basic education (grades 1 – 9) for families moving to Finland from abroad during summer will take place on Friday  the 7th of August. Detailed information will be sent to applicants via e-mail (based on the submitted online applications). In case of any questions please contact TIS principal: Mrs. Mirjam Virtanen.


  • The new academic school year begins on Wednesday the 12th of August for: 

          Primary school:

  • grade 1-6 at 9:15

          Lower secondary school:

  • grade 7 at 9.15 in the school lunch hall (1st floor)
  • grades 8-9 at 10:30 in home classes

         Upper secondary school:

  • 1IBkv at 9:00 in the school auditorium (2nd floor)
  • 2IBkv and 3IBkv grades at 10:00 in the school auditorium (2nd floor)

Holidays and School Calendar 2020-2021

Autumn term: Wed 12.8. – Sat 19.12.2020

  • Autumn Holiday – Mon 12.10.  – Sun 18.10.2020
  • Christmas break – Sun 20.12.2020 – Wed 6.1.2021

Spring term: Thu 7.1. – Sat 5.6.2021

  • Winter break – Mon 22.2. – Sun 28.2.2021

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