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Voimaperheet – Evidence-based, digitalized interventions to support mental health in families

Voimaperheet is an intervention project of the Research Centre for Child Psychiatry, University of Turku. We develop, evaluate and implement digitally delivered, preventive interventions aiming at increasing the psychosocial wellbeing of children, adolescent and families, as well as low-threshold targeted interventions to tackle mental health problems that start in childhood and early adolescence and have high public health significance.

Digitalized delivery strives for overcoming barriers associated with face-to-face treatment, such as childcare and traveling time, parental work schedules, stigma, and the inequality, i.e. lack of treatment possibilities in remote areas. The interventions are built on evidence-based methods to promote self-efficacy and psychosocial skills, and prevent later adversities in life.

The early biological and psychosocial risk factors of mental health disturbances, and the changes in the need of mental health services are identified in large epidemiological studies, to help planning the preventive strategies and to assess the effects of the changing society.

Transition from costly and strenuous special health care and child welfare services to early detection and prevention requires scientific research to support the decision-making. Our research project is committed to support evidence-based policy and provide the general public as well as social welfare, health care, early childhood education and teaching professionals cost‐efficient and practical tools for the detection and early intervention of mental health symptoms.

Targeted interventions

Universal interventions