Global Strategic Management

Global Strategic Management

8 days | 15 ECTS | Starting in May


After the module, the participants have better competence to manage and develop business in a complex environment.

The module deepens the knowledge on global markets, international business and various strategies, cultural differences and working with diversity in virtual teams.

During the process, participants have a unique opportunity to experience and reflect on what leadership is in a global context and how they work in virtual teams as leaders.

  • Leading the Firm in the Global Dynamic Business Environment
  • Managing Across Cultures and Interactive Skills
  • Strategizing in Global Virtual Teams
  • Leading Successful Organisations for the Future
  • Module-based assignment
  • Study Journey or International Study week

International Study Weeks deepen the participant’s understanding of the complexity of the global business environment.


This module requires the participants to take part in a ‘living lab’ facility during October and November. Participants will be assigned to lead a global virtual team with members scattered around the globe solving International Business Strategy cases. We will use the Strategizing in Global Virtual Teams session to prepare for that and to get ready for this exciting opportunity to gain major insights into strategizing processes and to develop diverse professional competencies and transferable skills in the process.


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