The island of Seili provides an unique location for field courses, seminars and summer schools. The Archipelago Research Institute provides support for educational organizations and together with VisitSeili aids in teaching arrangements at the station.

Please visit VisitSeili’s webpage for more information on accommodation, catering and other related services. For more information on the Institute’s services, please see Facilities and services or contact us.

Information for group leaders and students

Accommodation, catering, guided tours and harbour services

Accommodation, catering, guidning and harbour services are provided by a private travel company, called VisitSeili. More information on the services, prices and booking here.

Laboratories and working spaces

We ask that visitors inquire in advance which spaces are available as some laboratories are reserved for individual researchers or research groups.

During field courses, all laboratory use must be supervised by a course leader.

Computer rooms, printers, copiers are freely available to researchers and course participants.

Research equipment

The Institute loans research equipment for courses. Please contact the Institute’s research technician if you wish to use our research equipment.

Excursions: Terrain and Sea

The main building of Seili is open for all visitors with the exception of the Archipelago Research Institute’s work rooms and laboratories.

There are no restricted areas on Seili. However, there are a number of private properties on the northern and southern ends of the island so please avoid trespassing.

The island belongs to several environmental conservation programmes, therefore camping and campfires are strictly forbidden everywhere on the island. Smoking is also prohibited near the church and in other specified areas.

At sea, please follow instructions given by the boat captain/course leader in all circumstances. In small boats, all passengers must wear a life vest and adhere to common maritime safety regulations.


Castor bean ticks (Ixodes ricinus) are common at Seili. Therefore, if possible, we recommend to avoid areas with high grass or other thick vegetation and keep to the roads and lawns. A daily check for ticks is effective in preventing them from attaching. You should especially check areas of the body with thin skin. If you find an attached tick, tweezers for removing it can be obtained at the main building. If you have difficulty detaching the tick, contact the staff for help. You should observe the bite for a few weeks in case of a Lyme disease (borreliosis) infection. The most visible symptom is a rash that appears around the bite in a spreading circle shape. Other symptoms resemble the common cold: fever, headache, muscle aches etc. The infection is treatable with antibiotics.

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