The historical island of Seili offers a unique setting for meetings, field courses, seminars, and summer schools. The Archipelago Research Institute is committed to providing support to educational organizations. In collaboration with the travel company VisitSeili, we facilitate seamless teaching arrangements on the island.

For comprehensive details on accommodation, catering, and related services, please explore the travel company VisitSeili’s webpage. To learn more about the Institute’s facilities and services, please refer to our Facilities and Services section and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly.

Information for Group Leaders and Students: Accommodation, Facilities, and Safety

Travel services

For accommodation, catering, guided tours, and harbour services, we have partnered with VisitSeili, a travel company that provides all travel services during your stay. You can find detailed information about these services, including prices and booking options, [here](link to services).

Laboratories and Working Spaces

Please inquire well in advance about the availability of laboratory spaces and field equipment, as some may be reserved for individual researchers or specific research groups.

During field courses, it’s essential that all laboratory use is supervised by a designated course leader.

Additionally, we offer computer rooms and printers, and copiers for research and educational needs.

Research Equipment

The Institute has various field and laboratory equipment suitable specifically for biological research. Feel free to reach out to our research technician for assistance and equipment availability.

Excursions: Terrain and Sea

While exploring Seili island, please note that the main building is accessible to all visitors, with the exception of the Archipelago Research Institute’s work rooms and laboratories in the west wing.

There are no restricted areas on Seili; however, we kindly request that you avoid trespassing on private properties located at the northern and southern ends of the island.

Given our commitment to environmental conservation, camping and campfires are strictly prohibited island-wide. Smoking is also prohibited near the church and other specified areas.

At sea, we prioritize safety. Please always follow the instructions provided by the boat captain or course leader. When aboard small boats, all passengers must wear life vests and adhere to common maritime safety regulations.

Tick Awareness

Please note that the castor bean tick (Ixodes ricinus) is very common in coastal Finland. To minimize the risk of tick bites, it’s advisable to steer clear of areas with tall grass or dense vegetation, opting instead for roads and lawns. Regular tick checks are effective in preventing attachment, especially in areas with thin skin. Should you discover an attached tick, tweezers for safe removal are available at the main building. If you encounter difficulty in detaching the tick, don’t hesitate to ask help from staff. Please also monitor the bite for several weeks, as Lyme disease (borreliosis) infections can manifest with symptoms such as a spreading circular rash around the bite, along with fever, headache, and muscle aches. The infection is treatable with antibiotics.