Seili kesällä 2016, lehmät maisemoimassa päärakennuksen ympäristöä.

Welcome to the historical island of Seili

For visitors | Welcome to Seili

The island of Seili is open for both researchers and visitors year round. The island is accessible daily via a connecting ferry from the town of Nauvo. During summer connecting ferries operate also from Rymättylä (Naantali) and from the city of Turku. Travel services on the island are provided by Visit Seili.

The island of Seili offers a diverse range of experiences for visitors. Whether you’re interested in exploring the island’s fascinating history as a former leper and mental hospital, immersing yourself in the beauty of the archipelago’s nature, or delving into the mysteries of the Baltic Sea through research, Seili has something to captivate every traveler.

All travel services on the island (e.g. accommodation and catering) are provided by the travel company Visit Seili.

Book accommodation from below. When planning your travel, please ensure that the bus and ferry timetables align with your booking to avoid missing a connection.

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Connecting vessels

For researchers visiting the island: Get to know our Facilities and research services before booking your stay.

For University of Turku units: Please see the Visit Seili’s special price list for UTU users in the intranet.

Get to know the Archipelago Research Institute and the island of Seili

Take a virtual tour of the island and explore the island’s nature and history, and the Archipelago Research Institute’s facilities. The tour can be accessed from any screen and it is VR compatible.

Take the virtual tour

Seili – 360Tour.Fi from A1 Media on Vimeo

For practical information on travel connections, timetables, and other useful facts, please explore the resources available here.

Getting to Seili

The island of Seili is located in the central region of the Archipelago Sea, ca. 1-hour car-ride (55 km) from the city of Turku and ca. 25 minute (7 km) ferry-ride from the town of Nauvo. When traveling from Turku to Seili, there are two ferry crossings: Parainen-Nauvo and Nauvo-Seili. The ferry crossing between Parainen-Nauvo operates daily, with departures ca. every 15 minutes during the day. By contrast, the ferry timetables between Nauvo and Seili vary between the seasons and between the weekdays. During the summer season, you can also reach the island by connecting ferries departing from the town Hanka (Rymättylä, Naantali) and from the city of Turku. Please find detailed information below.

By Car

Getting to Nauvo:

To reach Nauvo harbor, take Saaristotie (Road No. 180), which branches off from the Turku-Helsinki motorway in Kaarina. The distance from Kaarina to Nauvo is approximately 40 km, which typically takes about an hour.

Along the route, you’ll encounter the Parainen-Nauvo ferry crossing, operating daily according to a fixed timetable. During the day, the ferry departs ca. every 15 minutes. Please note that during the summer holiday season, there may be delays due to long queues at the ferry crossing, so it is advisable to reserve enough time for the travel.

Parainen-Nauvo ferry timetables

In Nauvo, the connecting ferry to Seili departs from the quay next to the guest harbor. Please note that one cannot bring their car to Seili. There are several free parking lots nearby the guest harbour.

Getting to Hanka in Rymättylä:

To reach Hanka in Rymättylä, take Road No. 189 from Turku via Naantali. The distance from Turku to the center of Rymättylä is approximately 36 km, with an additional 15 km to Hanka on Aaslaluoto via Airismaa.

There is one ferry crossing before arriving to Hanka. The Hammarönsalmi ferry operates between Aaslaluoto and Airismaa daily according to a fixed timetable:

Hammarönsalmi ferry timetables

By Bus


Saaristoliikenne Oy operates white-green buses (Saaristobussi, Skärgårdsbuss, lines 901-904) that run daily between Turku and Nauvo.

Bus timetables (Seutu+)

The timetables and routes are also available at the Seutu+ route guide.

There are also connections to the Helsinki express buses; in this case, you must change buses in Piispanristi.

Note! When traveling between Turku-Nauvo-Seili, please ensure that the bus and ferry timetables align to avoid missing a connection.

For more detailed information on travel options and timetables, please explore the provided links and resources.

Ferry Connections to Seili Island

Summer Season (May-September)

During the summer months, Seili Island is easily accessible via connecting ferries from the towns of Nauvo and Hanka (Rymättylä) and directly from the city of Turku.

  • Nauvo: M/s Östern operates daily between Nauvo-Seili-Hanka (Aasla, Rymättylä) from May to September. The ferry has a capacity for 146 passengers. For timetables and pricing, please visit [here](link to timetables and prices).
  • Turku: M/s Norrskär operates daily between Turku-Seili-Nauvo, while m/s Vidskär provides service between Rööla and Seili, both during May-September. For timetables and pricing, please visit [here](link to timetables and prices).
  • Nauvo (Sundays only): M/s Innamo operates between Nauvo and Seili exclusively on Sundays. Traveling with m/s Innamo is free, but transportation must be reserved in advance. Please make your booking at least one day before your planned arrival on Seili, no later than 2 pm. For more information and timetables, please visit [here] (link to timetables).

Winter Season (October-April)

During the winter season, m/s Innamo offers service between the Nauvo guest harbor and Seili. Traveling with m/s Innamo is free, but reservations are required. Please book your transport no later than one day before your planned arrival on Seili, before 2 pm. For timetables and additional information, please consult [here](link to timetables and more information).

You can track m/s Innamo’s current location on [Marine Traffic] (link to Marine Traffic).

Boat Charter

For more flexibility or specialized needs, consider boat charters offered by Vitharun and local water taxi companies.

For the most up-to-date timetables and further details, please visit the provided links and resources.

Visitor Services on Seili Island

On Seili Island, a wide range of visitor services is provided by VisitSeili, ensuring a comfortable experience during your stay. These services include accommodation, dining options, harbor facilities, and guided tours that offer insights into the island’s captivating history. For detailed information about these services, their opening hours, and booking, please click [here](link to VisitSeili services).

Booking Services in Advance

We kindly request that researchers, students, and groups book the aforementioned services in advance through VisitSeili. This includes accommodation, catering, seminar rooms, sauna access, and guided tours. Once your booking is confirmed by VisitSeili, please feel free to contact us regarding our research facilities, laboratories, and other research-related needs.

Museum Church Exploration

During the summer season, the island’s historic museum church welcomes visitors. For details on opening hours, pricing, and opportunities for guided tours, please refer to the provided information [here](link to museum church details).

Kiosk by the Church Jetty

In addition to the island’s attractions, during the summer, you can find a delightful kiosk located next to the church jetty. This kiosk is operated by the culture and community association, Pro Seili-Själö ry, offering refreshments and a chance to immerse yourself in the island’s local culture.

If you have any specific inquiries or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us or VisitSeili.

Wireless Networks and Computer Facilities

At the Archipelago Research Institute, we provide access to wireless networks and computer facilities to support your research and educational needs.

Wireless Networks

We offer three wireless networks:

  • UTU Visitor: This network is designed for visitors and provides access through a portal webpage.
  • Eduroam: An international roaming service tailored for higher education institutions and visiting researchers. The University of Turku is a member of this service, offering a secure and user-friendly internet connection.
  • UTU Staff: This network is reserved for personnel and ensures a fast and secure user experience. UTU Staff functions similarly to a wired connection, granting access to the internet, printers, home folders, and network drives.

For additional information and setup instructions, please click [here](link to more information and instructions).

Computer Facilities

Within the main building, we provide computer rooms and a printer/copier that are accessible to researchers and course participants. For specific details and guidance on using these facilities, please feel free to consult our staff.

We are committed to enhancing your research and learning experience by providing convenient access to wireless networks and essential computer resources. If you have any inquiries or require further assistance, our staff is readily available to assist you.

Conservation and Island Regulations

Seili Island is a vital component of several larger conservation areas, and as such, certain regulations are in place to protect its unique environment.

Plant and Animal Collection

The collection of plants and animals on the island is permitted exclusively for research purposes. For permits and more information regarding this matter, please reach out to Station Manager Jari Hänninen.

Camping, Campfires, and Smoking

Camping and campfires, including barbecues, are strictly prohibited across the entirety of the island. Smoking is also restricted in specific areas, including the churchyard.

Pet Regulations

To ensure the safety and tranquility of the island’s ecosystem, dogs must be kept on a leash when outdoors.

Everyone’s Right

Berry and mushroom picking, angling, and ice fishing are allowed in accordance with Everyone’s right, which grant access to these activities.

Vehicle Access

Please be aware that only island personnel and permanent residents are permitted to bring vehicles onto the island. For information on transportation services available on the island, kindly contact VisitSeili.

We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these regulations, which help preserve the natural beauty and ecological integrity of Seili Island. If you have any specific questions or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to reach out to us or VisitSeili.

Exploring Seili Island: Guidelines and Information

Respect for Private Areas

While there are no restricted research areas on Seili Island, it’s important to be aware that several private properties and staff housing areas are situated, particularly at the northern and southern ends of the island. We kindly request that visitors avoid trespassing in these designated areas.

Main Building Accessibility

Since 2017, the main building of Seili has been open to all visitors, except for the Archipelago Research Institute’s work rooms and laboratories located mainly at the west wing. The main building contains the restaurant and cafe, operated by Visit Seili.

Map of Seili

Download the map of Seili island (Pdf) by clicking the image:

Tick Awareness

Please be aware that ticks are common on Seili Island. To reduce the risk of tick bites, avoid areas with high grass or thick vegetation and stay on the roads and lawns. Conduct a daily check for ticks, especially in areas with thin skin.

If you discover an attached tick, tweezers for safe removal can be obtained at the main building. If you encounter any difficulties in detaching the tick, please contact our staff for assistance.

In case of a tick bite, it is advisable to monitor the affected area for several weeks to watch for signs of Lyme disease (borreliosis) infection. Symptoms may include a spreading circular rash around the bite, as well as flu-like symptoms such as fever, headache, and muscle aches. Lyme disease is treatable with antibiotics.

If you have any specific questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our staff.

Seili is a collaborative effort, managed by various entities:

  • The University of Turku and Turku University Foundation (Seili Real Estate Company) oversee the buildings and surrounding land areas.
  • Parks & Wildlife Finland owns and manages the forested areas and the museum church.
  • Travel services, including accommodation, restaurants, cafes, guest harbor facilities, and guided tours, are provided by VisitSeili (Rederi Ab Vitharun).
  • Research and teaching infrastructure and services are offered by the Archipelago Research Institute of the University of Turku.
  • The island boasts an active culture and community association, Pro Seili-Själö ry, which operates a summer kiosk next to the church jetty.
  • Additionally, Seili is home to around a dozen privately-owned summer cottages.