Facilities and services

Archipelago Research Institute maintains facilities for conducting research and field education related to the archipelago and the Baltic sea. The marine station also provides various support services for e.g. scientific work, field courses, educational events and visiting groups.

Most of the Institute’s research facilities are located at the center of the island: in the historical main building and other buildings close to it. Below you will find detailed information on the Institute’s facilities and services. For more information, please contact us.

Laboratory facilities and research equipment

Main building

The Archipelago Research Institute offers various support services for researchers and course participants, including:

  • Central location in the Archipelago Sea
  • Lecture rooms, work rooms, wood and metal workshops, field equipment, boat rental and transportation services, temporary staff aid
  • 3 aquaria rooms suitable for experimental research
  • Several laboratories for basic analyses and storage of samples
  • Long-term monitoring data
  • Accommodation, catering and guest harbour services are provided by VisitSeili

Bench fees, rent prices and related terms of use are available in the Institutes price list.

>>Download a practical guide for researchers (pdf)

Research vessel and boats

The Institute offers boat rental and transportation services for groups and individual researchers. Prices and related terms of use are available in the Institutes price list.

Research vessel r/v Aurelia

r/v Aurelia is a research vessel, designed and built especially for research conducted in shallow archipelago areas. Maximum number of passengers is 40.


  • Crew: Captain and deck hand
  • Commissioned in 1991
  • Length overall 18,1 m
  • Beam of 5 m
  • Max. speed 15 knots

More information available by request.

The Institute also owns the following boats:

Seili 5

  • Length 10,5 m
  • 200 hp
  • Crew: captain and deck hand
  • 23 passengers
  • Max. speed 15 knots

Seili 1 (200 hp, 10 passengers)

Seili 2 (90 hp, 5 passengers)

Faster 515 (60 hp, 6 passengers)

Faster 445 (40 hp, 5 passengers)

Two smaller motor boats (5 hp)

Hydrocopter and snowmobile are available during ice winters

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