WP 2.3 Workshop: Challenges in contemporary migration research

Friday 4st November 2016

Stockholm University, Universitetsvägen 10, room B800




9:00 Opening words

9:15: Session: Comparative Migration Studies

Chair: Eleonora Mussino (Stockholm University)
Discussant: Jussi Tervola (Kela)

Nazareno Panichella (University of Milan), Mezzogiorno migrants in Northern Italy and Germany

Elena Ambrosetti (University of Rome-La Sapienza), Who does it better where? Integration of refugees in France and Sweden

Amparo González-Ferrer (Spanish National Research Council), Moroccans’ selection into return migration. Merging datasets as a strategy for testing return migration theories from different destinations.

11:15: Lunch break

12:15 Session on: Selection, under-coverage and other issues in migration studies

Chair: Ognjen Obucina (Stockholm University)
Discussant: Amparo González-Ferrer (Spanish National Research Council)

Sol Juarez (Stockholm University), A new beginning? Perinatal health of children of refugees in Sweden

Rosa Weber (Stockholm University), Circular migration between Finland and Sweden: Who moves abroad again?

Andrea Monti (Stockholm University), Over-coverage in registers – possible ways of estimation

Jussi Tervola (Kela), The (self-) selection humanitarian migrants by admission status