Inclusive Digital Learning – Dig-2-Inc

What is Dig-2-Inc?

Inclusive Digital Learning (Dig-2-Inc) is an Erasmus+ project that offers training and design principles to staff members to facilitate inclusion of low-SES students. With a novel method of community reporting, we engage teachers and students to voice out experiences of diversity and support a culture of active engagement, equality and non-discrimination.

As feelings of confidence and mastery are important for development of self-directed learning, we develop an ecosystem of micro-credentials and open badges to credential students’ acquisition of academic skills in second and third cycle education. These equip disadvantaged learners to excel in life and digital skills, which is a necessary condition in achieving an equal standing with the more advantaged students.

In addition to developing cognitive and learning-to-learn skills, project partners strengthen social partnerships to support attention to needs of low-SES students, and to extend the use of purposeful pedagogic strategies for inclusion to secondary schools, which prepare learners for higher education.

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