Associazione Nazionale Orientatori (ASNOR)

Associazione Nazionale Orientatori (ASNOR) is the Italian National Association for career guidance. It is a recognised and accredited organisation for the training of school staff by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR). It is in the list of the organisation registered by the Ministry of Economic Development of Professional Associations that issue the certificate of quality of the services provided by the members. ASNOR is also registered in the Research Registry held by the Ministry of Education, University and Research. ASNOR promotes a new culture of career guidance, striving to ensure that the professional role of the career guide is recognised.

The Association, with the support of its Technical Scientific Committee and with the collaboration of Italian and foreign university institutions, has built a defined and articulated system of the professional figure of the career guide by allowing a full recognition of the professional profile and by promoting its regulation. The Association organizes and holds the ASNOR Career Guidance Italian Register. ASNOR staff is composed by over 20 workers supporting over 10.000 users of the services (teachers, VET providers, unemployed, NEET, adults, teachers, educators, entrepreneurs, managers).

Technical-Scientific Committee Coordinator Peppino Franco