Université Dijon Bourgogne (uB)

Université Dijon Bourgogne (uB) fulfils a dual mission of education and research in all scientific fields. Located in Burgundy between Paris and Lyon, the city of Dijon is home to uB’s main campus, with several others spread across the region. It offers 400 different degrees across all levels (Bachelor, Master, and PhD), employs 3,000 staff members, and enrols 34,000 students, among whom more than 2,900 are international. Most programmes are taught in French, but a growing number are taught in English. The University of Burgundy is part of the Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté community.

uB experiments a new immersion with the socio-professional world through the Campus des Métiers et Qualifications (CMQ) focused on Industry (ITIP). This CMQ is installed in its component Institute of Technology (IUT), at Le Creusot, about 90km away from Dijon. The mission of a CMQ is to federate all the actors of education and the economy around a concern for a better future. The results of the CMQ ITIP have proved its essential mission in bringing new practices, new transformations for the benefit of all the concerned. A European collaboration, a strong emulation source, will enrich the missions of the partners and the CMQ through exchanges and collaborations. Moreover, the European dimension brings cultural openness for all people through interactions and partnerships.


Fanny Boutard