University of Turku (UTU)

University of Turku (UTU) is a multidisciplinary scientific university, where expertise of 8 faculties ranges from humanities to natural sciences and economics. University of Turku is recognized for the quality of teaching, research and excellent student support services. With its 25 000 students and 3 500 employees University of Turku is one of the major multidisciplinary universities in Finland.

As part of the strategic goals, the University of Turku has defined inclusive and responsible education as one of the key elements in its mission. The university ensures that study tracks are meeting with the demands of the working life, flexible and straightforward. Special attention is paid to helping students to develop their discipline specific skills and know-how and also to develop adequate transversal skills. Specific action plans are implemented to support these activities, e.g. orientation and mentoring programmes, digitalization of education, enhancing student wellbeing and support services and fostering the cooperation with the society and working life in different aspects. Also dedicated programmes for university teacher and other personnel are offered to support the staff members in the constantly changing working environment. Due to pandemic the use of digitalization has spread also in courses where it has not used before.

Research Manager Mikko Grönlund