Burgas Free University (BFU)

Burgas Free University (BFU) is one of the first non-state universities in Bulgaria. Students receive training in 4 faculties: Faculty of Legal Studies; Faculty of Business Studies; Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering and Faculty of Humanities. The university structure comprises a number of academic centres including a Centre for Distant Education and a Technology Transfer Office. Having the most modern and newest facilities and equipment in the system of higher education in Bulgaria BFU provides a beneficial environment for education, research and scientific events. It is accredited by the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency with a capacity of 7200 students.

BFU is actively working under EU Operational Programmes including two recent projects which resulted in curricula upgrade in accordance with the labour market requirements and in development of electronic forms of distance education. The University is a main promoter in the region of various local and international activities and events. BFU works in close relationships with the municipal and state institutions and initiates and fosters the policy development and strengthening. In the framework of the University is established an Office for Technological Transfer aiming at close connection with the business and transferring modern technologies and innovations. In 2013 was established University Centre for Distance Education in order to provide current and future students, as well as customers on further education courses, with quality education in a virtual academic environment, in accordance with the requirements of the labour market.


Associate Professor Mariya Zheleva