The Champions of Inclusion (WP2)

  • Mapping Study Report (Mapping experiences of exclusion of students with a low socio-economic status)
    Deliverable 2.1
  • White Paper on Digital Inclusion
    Deliverable 2.3
  • Report on Inclusion and Guidance Strategy
    See below for the inclusion strategy consisting of principles for collaborative learning facilitating development of self-regulation skills:
    – Importance of egalitarian dialogue among students and staff members
    – Strengthening of interpersonal relations in the student group
    – Recognizing the personal needs of diverse and low-SES students
    – Pedagogical models that reinforce and generation of student creativity and ideation to strengthen deep learning strategies.Based on the analysis of experiences collected, a specific strategy has been created to systematically develop inclusive pedagogies in digital learning. This document is aligned with other key strategic aims and indicators on inclusion, equality, cultural and language diversity and employability. Hence, inclusion in digital learning is integrated in the key policies, processes and practices at institutional level.