Quality of Clinical Nursing and Health Care

Quality of Clinical Nursing and Health Care

Research programme focuses on improving the quality of clinical nursing and health care. For the improvement, the programme aims to create and test a theoretical basis for the evaluation of the quality of nursing care, to develop instruments for evaluation and to evaluate the quality in different clinical fields.

Research in this programme started in the 1990s. In the beginning, a theoretical structure of good nursing care was established, as part of the doctoral thesis of professor Leino-Kilpi. Since that, quality of nursing care and health care services has been evaluated in different clinical fields, new instruments have been created and research results have been implemented. Currently, there is research in the evaluation of competence, and quality is evaluated in foot health care and the prevention and care of pressure ulcers. There are partners from Hospital Districts of Helsinki-Uusimaa, South-west Finland and Satakunta, as well as from primary and occupational health care.

Head of the Programme

Helena Leino-Kilpi Professorheleiki@utu.fi

Project leaders of substudies

Research team

​Olivia Numminen, RN, PhD, Researcher, Department of Nursing Science, University of Turku

​Liisa Kuokkanen, RN, PhD, expertise in work-empowerement

​Satu Kajander-Unkuri, PhD, RN, postdoc-researcher (Competence of nurses and students, in collaboration with the Pedagogical program)

​Marita Ritmala-Castrén, PhD, post doc-researcher (Quality of sleep, intensive units)

Virpi Sulosaari, PhD, RN, postdoc-researcher, (Medication competence and education)

Project leader in VETÄVÄ, collaborative research project between the Turku University of Applied Sciences, Turku University Hospital, Finnish Occupational Health Institution and University of Turku

​Mervi Flinkman, PhD, post doc-researcher

​Sirpa Mäkitarja-Rostedt, PhD-candidate

​Yunsuk Jeon, PhD-candidate

​Riitta-Liisa Lakanmaa (Competence at intensive care and orientation)

Current doctoral candidates

Heidrun Gattinger, Concept and practice of kinestetics (patient mobilization)

Education and Partners

Turku University Hospital Erva region (Hospital District of South-West Finland, Satakunta and Vaasa)

Hospital District of Helsinki-Uusimaa