Ohhh, the CD is out!

Text and photo: Johanna Korhonen and Hilkka-Liisa Vuori (Vox Silentii)

Father Levy and brother Gabriel from Studium Catolicum, Seppo Heikkinen and Vox Silentii, Marika Räsänen on the right.


What is it like to release a CD of Thomas Aquinas’s memorial liturgies? For us, this was a wonderful experience in the beautiful Great Hall of SKS, the Association of Finnish Literature, on 24th August 2016 in Helsinki, Finland. About one hundred friends of Thomas Aquinas gathered to listen and discuss the topic and we were happy to share our project with them.

Marika presented the project, Johanna and Hili told about the music and our workshops. Examples of the feedback we have been collecting amused the audience: the extremely honest 14-year-olds have given us both very positive and very embarrassed feedback for ”lying on the floor with grown-ups” but also for sensing the music by several senses and some very profound thoughts they had. Seppo then lectured about the latin texts in a way that truly opened the world of this particular type on liturgical poetry to the audience.

Releasing a CD is always an exciting experience. This is the work done – what do our listeners now think? So far, we have been receiving lots of positive feedback. We are happy and grateful and go on with the project joyfully. The next steps are… you’ll hear about them soon!