Space and Sanctity: Sensory experience of devotion (1000—1500)

The history of the senses is a rapidly expanding field of research in medieval and Early Modern studies. The aim of the present workshop is to contribute to this expansion by concentrating on space related devotional practices of venerating saints and disseminating sanctity.

The workshop Space and Sanctity is organized in connection with the project Touching, Tasting, Hearing, Seeing and Smelling. Sensory Experiences in the Feasts of St Thomas Aquinas and the Centre d’Études Supérieures de Civilisation Médiévale (CESCM), University of Poitiers. It takes place at the Chapel of the Résidence universitaire M. Foucault, 12 rue Pasteur, Poitiers, on 20 May 2016.


9.15–12.30, Morning Session

Opening of the workshop, Éric Palazzo

Le théâtre de la Présence: Le cycle pascal peint dans les Évangiles de l’Arsenal (Paris, Arsenal, ms. 592), Cécile Voyer

Giant Bibles, Wall Paintings, and Liturgy: Points of Contact, Teemu Immonen

Practice and Perception – Transfiguration of mind and matter, Laura Skinnebach

13.30–18.30, Afternoon Session

Saints, senses and devotion, Éric Palazzo

Juliana of Cornillon, Thomas Aquinas, and the Implementation of the Feast of Corpus Christi: Politics, Liturgy and Spirituality, Constant J. Mews

Sensory experience and the body duplicate in the cult of Thomas Aquinas, Marika Räsänen

Metre, Allusion and Meaning in the Memorial Liturgies of Thomas Aquinas, Seppo Heikkinen

Chanting presentation on the liturgy for the translatio feast of St Thomas Aquinas, Johanna Korhonen and Hilkka-Liisa Vuori

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The cover image: Detail from the MS. Serie VII 22010, Dominican Archive, Bologna.