In the Fluvial Research Group we study riverine systems in order to better understand  the processes acting within catchments and in river channels. Our research concentrates on past, present and future river dynamics. In addition to open water processes, we focus on influence of ice cover on river behaviour as well. We are especially interested in changing river environments and in how human interaction with these systems affects natural processes, leading to changes e.g. in flow regimes and erosion-sedimentation processes. In order to advance river research we develop new methods in river surveying, channel morphology-, hydraulic- and watershed-modelling. 

Methodologically, we focus on laser scanning, sediment transport sampling, mobile current profiling and bathymetric modelling. In addition to our main research focus on the sub-arctic, we also work in Spain, the USA and Iceland.

UTU-CGG research consists of different topics and methodological approaches. Staff members and project researchers form the main group, but also undergraduate students participate in the work. A portion of the work is funded through projects that have different methodological and methodical approach to coastal research. The group has a common interest in the challenge of the coastal environment, particularly the Finnish and other Baltic Sea coasts.

Research themes


Recent publications

Kasvi, E., Lotsari, E., Kumpumäki, M., Dubrovin, T. and Veijalainen, N. (2019). Effects of Climate Change and Flow Regulation on the Flow Characteristics of a Low-Relief River within Southern Boreal Climate Area. Water 11(9), pp. 1827.  DOI. A1.

Nylén T., Tolvanen, H., Erkkilä-Välimäki, A. and Roose, M. (2019). Guide for cross-border spatial data analysis in Maritime Spatial Planning. Publications of the Department of Geography and Geology of University of Turku 12. University of Turku, Turku. PDF.

Kasvi, E., Salmela, J., Lotsari, E., Kumpula, T. and Lane, S. (2019). Comparison of remote sensing based approaches for mapping bathymetry of shallow, clear water rivers. Geomorphology, 333, pp.180-197. DOI. A1.