In the Fluvial and Coastal Research Group (FCRG) we study fluvial and coastal processes and environments. Our research concentrates on past, present and future river and coastal dynamics. We are especially interested in changing river and coastal environments, and in how human interaction with these systems affects natural processes, leading to changes in e.g. flow regimes, erosion-sedimentation processes, and physicochemical water dynamics. In order to advance river research, we develop new methods in coastal and fluvial remote sensing, channel morphology, hydro- and morphodynamic modelling. Coastal research spans from fieldwork-intensive water quality sampling to investigation of marine spatial planning processes.

Methodologically, we focus on laser scanning, sediment transport sampling, mobile current profiling and bathymetric modelling, as well as on in situ methodology in underwater light measurement and application of geoinformatics in marine management. In addition to our main research focus on the sub-arctic and the Baltic Sea, we also work in Spain, the USA and Iceland.

Staff members and project researchers form the core group, but also undergraduate students participate in the work. The group has a common interest in the challenge of the fluvial and coastal environment, particularly sub-arctic fluvial environments and the Finnish and other Baltic Sea coasts.

Research themes

Recent publications

Salmela, J., Kasvi, E. and Alho, P. (2020). River plume and sediment transport seasonality in a non-tidal semi-enclosed brackish water estuary of the Baltic Sea. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 245. DOI. A1.

Calle, M., Calle, J., Alho, P. and Benito, G. (2020). Inferring sediment transfers and functional connectivity of rivers from repeat topographic surveys. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 45(3), pp.681-693. DOI. A1.

Lotsari, E., Dietze, M., Kämäri, M., Alho, P. and Kasvi, E. (2020). Macro-Turbulent Flow and Its Impacts on Sediment Transport Potential of a Subarctic River during Ice-Covered and Open-Channel Conditions. Water, 12(7). DOI. A1

Lotsari, E., Hackney, C., Salmela, J., Kasvi, E., Kemp, J., Alho, P. and Darby, S. (2020). Sub‐arctic river bank dynamics and driving processes during the open‐channel flow period. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 45(5), pp.1198-1216. DOI. A1.

All publications of the research group members can be found from their Google Scholar, UTU Research Portal and ORCID-userpages. Links to userpages are under People-page.

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