Scientific publications

A - Peer-reviewed scientific publications


Holzhüter, W., Luhtala, H., Hansen, H. S., Schiele, K. S. (2019). Lost in space and time? A conceptual framework to harmonise data for marine spatial planning. International Journal of Spatial Data Infrastructures Research, 14, pp. 108-132.  DOI. A1.

Kasvi, E., Lotsari, E., Kumpumäki, M., Dubrovin, T. and Veijalainen, N. (2019). Effects of Climate Change and Flow Regulation on the Flow Characteristics of a Low-Relief River within Southern Boreal Climate Area. Water 11(9), pp. 1827.  DOI. A1.

Kasvi, E., Salmela, J., Lotsari, E., Kumpula, T. and Lane, S. (2019). Comparison of remote sensing based approaches for mapping bathymetry of shallow, clear water rivers. Geomorphology, 333, pp.180-197. DOI. A1.

Lang, J., Alho, P., Kasvi, E., Goseberg, N. and Winsemann, J. (2019). Impact of Middle Pleistocene (Saalian) glacial lake-outburst floods on the meltwater-drainage pathways in northern central Europe: Insights from 2D numerical flood simulation. Quartenary Science Reviews, 209, pp. 82-89. DOI. A1.

Lotsari, E., Tarsa, T., Kämäri, M., Alho, P. and Kasvi, E. (2019). Spatial variation of flow characteristics in a subarctic meandering river in ice‐covered and open‐channel conditions: A 2D hydrodynamic modelling approach. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms. DOI. A1.

Nylén, T., Kasvi, E., Salmela, J., Kaartinen, H., Kukko, A., Jaakkola, A., Hyyppä, J. and Alho, P. (2019). Improving distribution models of riparian vegetation with mobile laser scanning and hydraulic modelling. PLos ONE 14(12): 1-29. DOI. A1.

Salmela, J., Kasvi, E., Vaaja, M. T., Kaartinen, H., Kukko, A., Jaakkola, A. and Alho, P. (2019). Morphological changes and riffle-pool dynamics related to flow in a meandering river channel based on a 5-year monitoring period using close-range remote sensing. Geomorphology. DOI. A1.

Tolvanen, H., Erkkilä-Välimäki, A. & Nylén, T. (2019). From silent knowledge to spatial information – Mapping blue growth scenarios for maritime spatial planning. Marine Policy, 107. DOI. A1.

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A1 – Journal article – refereed
A2 – Review arcticle
A3 – Book chapter
A4 – Conference proceedings

B - Non-refereed scientific publications

Niemelä, P., Tolvanen, H., Rönka, M., Kellomäki, S., Krug, J., Schurgers, G., Lehikoinen, E. and Kalliola, R. (2015). Environmental Impacts-Coastal Ecosystems, Birds and Forests. In book: Second Assessment of Climate Change for the Baltic Sea Basin. (2015). Regional Climate Studies. DOI. B2.

Tolvanen, H., Kalliola, R., Luhtala, H. & Suominen, T. (2014). Rannikkomaantiedettä Saaristomerellä – maisemia merenpinnan molemmilta puolilta. In book: Seili – Saaristomeren tutkimusta 50 vuotta. Seili Archipelago Research Institute Publications. B2.

Alho, P. (2011). Parempien paikkatietoaineistojen äärellä hydrologisessa tutkimuksessa? Vesitalous. B1.

B1 – Unrefereed journal articles
B2 – Book section
B3 – Unrefereed conference proceedings

D - Publications intended for professional communities

Holzhüter, W., Schiele, K., von Thenen, M., Maack, L., Luhtala, H., Viška, M. and Strāķe, S. (2019). Database including spatial data on ecosystem services and (anthropogenic) pressures. BONUS BASMATI. Deliverable 3.2. PDF. D4.

Nylén, T., Tolvanen, H., Erkkilä-Välimäki, A. and Roose, M. (2019). Guide for cross-border spatial data analysis in Maritime Spatial Planning. Publications of the Department of Geography and Geology of University of Turku. D4.

Pöntynen, R., Erkkilä-Välimäki, A., Nylén, T., Varjopuro, R., Nieminen, H., Lähteenmäki-Uutela, A., Pohjola, T., Uusitalo, H., Törrönen, J.,  Kuris, M., Tolvanen, H., Peterson, A. and Laamanen, L. (2018). Plan4Blue Scenarios for Blue Growth: Qualitative analysis based on expert opinions. Suomen ympäristökeskuksen julkaisuja. D4.

Giacometti, A., Kull, M., Moodie, JR., Morf, A., Kaae, BC., Schiele, K., von Thenen, M., Reiter, IM., Schröder, L., Hansen, HS., Dahl, K., Luhtala, H., Erkkilä-Välimäki, A., Armoskaite, A., Strake S. (2018). Thematic Scoping/Vision Document: report outlining the main conflict and potential synergy areas in crossborder MSP. BONUS BASMATI Deliverable 2.2. PDF. D4.

Schiele, K., Holzhüter, W., von Thenen, M., Luhtala, H., Strāķe, S., Viška, M., Pakalniete, K., Koski, C., Morf, A. (2018). Requirements for data to be used in marine spatial planning. BONUS BASMATI Deliverable 3.1. PDF. D4.

Strāķe, S., Aigars, J., Viška, M., Pakalniete, K., Puriņa, I., von Thenen, M., Schiele, K., Luhtala, H., Erkkilä-Välimäki, A., Tolvanen, H. and Koski, C. (2018). BONUS BASMATI Specifications for case study designs. Deliverable 6.2. BONUS Baltic Organisations’ Network for Funding Science EEIG. PDF. D4.

Holopainen, M., Tokola, T., Vastaranta, M., Heikkilä, J., Huitu, H., Laamanen, R. and Alho, P. (2015). Geoinformatiikka luonnonvarojen hallinnassa. Helsingin yliopiston metsätieteiden laitoksen julkaisuja. D5.

D4 – Published development or research report or study
D5 – Text book, professional manual or guide or a dictionary

O - Other publications

Erkkilä-Välimäki, A., Luhtala, H. and Tolvanen, H. (2018). BONUS BASMATI Communication and dissemination plan. Deliverable 7.1. PDF. O2.

Erkkilä-Välimäki, A., Luhtala, H., Tolvanen, H., Strāķe, S., Puriņa, I., Pakalniete, K.,  Schiele, K. and von Thenen, M. (2017). BONUS BASMATI Specification of requirements on data and modelling needs. Deliverable 6.1. PDF. O2.

Koski, C., Dost, Ü., Reiter, I., Schrøder, L., von Thenen, M., Schiele, K., Viška, M., Pakalnīete, K., Strāķe, S., Erkkilä-Välimäki, A., Luhtala, H., Tolvanen, H., Hansen H. S. and Oksanen, J.

User Requirements for Spatial Decision Support Systems in Maritime Spatial Planning. BONUS BASMATI Deliverable 5.1, November 2017. O2.

Nylén, T. and Tolvanen, H. (2017). Collection of contemporary Gulf of Finland maps for scenario building. PDF. O2.

Nylén, T. and Tolvanen, H. (2017). Guidelines for harmonising, producing and managing crossborder spatial data. PDF. O2.

Nylén, T. and Tolvanen, H. (2017). Guidelines for identifying and sharing relevant spatial data in MSP. Cross-border case. PDF. O2.

Nylén, T. and Tolvanen, H. (2017). Inventory report of MSP-relevant spatial data and its quality. Cross-border case study: primary data and providers. PDF. O2.

Salmela, J., Kasvi, E., Alho, P. (2017). High resolution mapping of riffle-pool dynamics based on ADCP and close-range remote sensing data. PDF. O2.

O2 – Other publications