The front page of the newspaper Keski-Suomi from 1871 Text written in Fraktur lettering.

Keskisuomalainen (or Keski-Suomi) is the oldest Finnish-language newspaper that is still in circulation. The first issue was published on 7 March 1871. The object of the newspaper was to promote Finnish ideology, and transmit news and announcements.

Keski-Suomi was founded by the merchant H.F. Helminen. Many novelists participated as journalists in the staff of the newspaper, for example the first Finnish female journalist and author Minna Canth. Male novelists Juhani Aho and Teuvo Pakkala were also part of the staff at their time. In 1918, Keski-Suomi merged with the newspaper Suomalainen, resulting in the creation of Keskisuomalainen.



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