TT2024 programme

Tuorla-Tartu meeting 2024: Borderless Universe, 6-8 May 2024


Monday (6th May)

09.00 Welcome

09.15 Marian Douspis: ”Small scales CMB anisotropies: hot gas and cosmology”

09.40 Bernard Jones: ”Is the cosmic expansion rate influenced by large scale structure formation?”

10.05 Jad Mansour: ”The effect of photometric redshift errors on cosmic voids”

10.30 Break

10.45 Seppo Mattila: ”A luminous, fast blue optical transient from a stellar tidal disruption event by an intermediate-mass black hole”

11.10 Sven Põder: ”Searching for Dark Matter Subhalos in Astronomical Data using Deep Learning”

11.35 Pouya M. Kouch:”Are blazars emitting high energy neutrinos?”

12.00 Robbert Scholtens: “Journey in Anisotropy”

12.25 Lunch

13.35 Moorits Mihkel Muru: ”Improved estimates of galaxy group masses for small groups in redshift surveys”

14.00 Erkki Kankare: ”NOT Un-biased Transient Survey 2”

14.25 Stefano Gallo: ”Tracing gaseous filaments connected to galaxy clusters: the case study of Abell 2744”

14.50 Aikaterini Triantafyllaki: ”A story of streams: the dynamical friction effect on the tails of globular clusters”

15.15 Coffee

15.45 Theo Lebeau: ”Can the splashback radius be an observable boundary of galaxy clusters ?”

16:10 Sofia Forsblom: ”Polarized emission from X-ray pulsars as seen by the IXPE observatory ”

16:35 Karri Koljonen: “Cosmic-neighbor-associated distances to BL Lacs via SDSS photometric redshifts”


18:30  – Public lecture at the university (University of Turku, Quantum building): 

”Dark matter and cosmic web” by Rien van de Weygaert and Bernard Jones


Tuesday (7th May)

09.00 Claudio Dalla Vecchia: ”The size of galaxies as measure of their dark matter halo”

09.25 Rain Kipper: “Superbubble interactions with stellar streams”

9.50 Caremen Toribio: “Convolutional Neural Networks for source finding in radioastronomy: the Team FORSKA-Sweden approach to SKA Data Challenge 2”

10.15 Break

10.30 Petri Väisänen: ”ESO/FINCA & South African facilities: studying interacting galaxies”

10.55 Manuel Hohmann: ”Searching for quantum gravity with gas dynamics near black holes & Borderless research in cosmology: the CosmoVerse COST action”

11.20 Maret Einasto: “Galaxy groups in the cosmic web & Borderless research in cosmology: the CosmoVerse COST action”

11.45 Dave Verweg: ”Nonlocal gravitational forces in cosmic voids potentially explain dark energy”

12.10 Talvikki Hovatta: ”Resolving near-infrared emission of blazars with VLTI-GRAVITY”

12.35 Lunch

13.45 Rien van de Weygaert: ”A catastrophic view of cosmic structure”

14.10 Job Feldbrugge: “What makes a filament?”  (Remote)

14.35 Vandad Fallah Ramazani: “Distance estimation of gamma-ray emitting BL Lac objects from imaging observation”

15.00 Coffee

15.30 Mauri Valtonen: “First detection of the secondary black hole in the OJ287 binary black hole system”

15.55 Maria Angela Raj: “Fornax filaments”

16.10 Till Sawala: ”The next 10 billion years of the Local Group”

16.35 – END OF THE DAY –

17.30 Soccer

19.00 Conference dinner at Linnasmäki


Wednesday (8th May)

09.00 Kristjan Müürsepp: ”Can the QCD axion feed the dark energy of the Universe?”

09.25 Johanne Hartke: ”Unveiling the dynamical status of galaxies and intra-group light in nearby groups and clusters with discrete tracers”

09.50 Gursharanjit Kaur: “Target selection for redshift limited survey (4MOST WAVES) using machine learning”

10.15 Maria Stone: “Low-redshift quasar environments”

10.35 Break

10.50 Annaliina Aavik: ”Metallicity distribution in the Milky Way disk”

11.15 Irene Varklund: ”Narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies – Rebels of the AGN world”

11.40 Jenni Jormanainen: ”The long 2016 polarisation angle rotation of OJ 287 viewed through radio, mm-radio and optical observations”

12.05 Toni Tuominen: ”A multi-wavelength view of galaxy quenching in clusters and superclusters”